Saturday, March 1, 2014

bean, chickpea and veg salad that even a man would eat!

as you all know - we love fresh and healthy food! here is a really yummy, and very filling salad. you can eat it for breakfast, dinner, supper or snack. it's always good to make a ton of it so that you snack on it for several days!!!

Kidney Bean, chickpea and veg salad

(you can use whatever you have on hand!)

1 can of chickpeas (i prefer to use dried and soak them overnight but cheated using a can with this salad!)
1 can of kidney beans (same as above!)
green pepper, red pepper, orange pepper and yellow pepper, chopped (or any one, or any combination of)
1 small jar of artichoke hearts in oil, chopped - don't skip these - they are truly a delicious addition

Ingredients for the dressing:

8 or 9 swirls of olive oil
a good dollop of apple cider vinegar
the juice of half a lemon
salt and pepper to taste
as much, or as little garlic as you like, crushed (we use a ton)
a knob of ginger, crushed
big pinch of turmeric
pinch of cayenne
pinch of cumin

Steps for the salad:

1. drain your chickpeas and kidney beans. dump them in a big bowl.
2. add your chopped peppers.
3. add your chopped artichokes

Steps for the dressing:

1. dump all of the ingredients in a jar and shake, shake, shake.

To assemble:

1. dump the dressing all over your salad. make sure the salad is in a bowl/container with a lid. put lid on and shake, shake, shake. add more salt and pepper, to taste. bring bowl/container out into the snow and bury it in the snow for a good hour. or you could use your refrigerator. the snow works better, tho! lastly, chop up some romaine, iceberg or bib lettuce - whatever you have on hand and serve the bean salad over it. don't forget to add some home-grown sprouts and some slices of cucumber.

deelish. and filling. even better after it has sat a day or two. enjoy!


  1. OMG looks so good!! I will make this!!!

    1. Anon - i hope that you enjoy this salad. it is really filling and you don't need much. it also gets better if you make a nice big batch and keep it in the fridge for 5-6 days, eating a bit of it each day! thanks for stopping by and i hope to see you here again!