Saturday, March 29, 2014

a very basic, but nutritious and healthy, salad dressing - you can put it on anything!

it starts with about 20 swirls of olive oil.

next you dump in about a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar WITH the Mother in it.

next up is sea salt and freshly-cracked black pepper to taste.

a good pinch each of cayenne, turmeric and cumin.

3-4 cloves of garlic, a good-sized knob of ginger and a plop of unpasteurized honey.

a half of a lemon, or lime, squeezed in.

then you shake that baby up real good.

then you dump it on your salad.

the salad above is chiffonade romaine lettuce, tomatoe, cucumber, kiwi, orange, olives, feta and homegrown sprouts.

this salad below is iceburg lettuce, quinoa, 4 different-coloured peppers, broccoli, olives and feta.

and this is a bean salad with romaine lettuce, chickpeas, kidney beans, and 4 different-coloured peppers with cucumber.

this salad dressing can be put on anything - i even put it on fruit salad! it is not only delicious and healthy, the combination of garlic, vinegar with the mother, ginger and honey, all in conjunction, become a natural antibiotic. turmeric, cayenne and cumin are very good for your digestive system and for your overall health. if you eat this dressing every day, which we try to do, it will increase your overall health. you can also put this salad dressing on sardines - it tastes divine. and all of you better be eating a can of sardines at least once a week! i mean it! if not, i will have to come visit you and kick yer butt! and none of you want that! bahahahahhah!

please make this dressing, and make it to your taste. but don't leave any ingredient out. all of the ingredients are essential to maintaining good overall health!


  1. What does "with the mother in it" mean?

    1. Harry - it means that the cider vinegar has not been pasteurized. the Mother is the essential ingredient for true health. if you use pasteurized cider vinegar then you lose the medicinal ingredient. it's the same for honey - only use unpasteurized honey or you are losing the medicinal ingredient. and don't even get me started on pasteurized milk, ok buddy!? bahahahha. thanks for commenting here Harry. i really appreciate it.

  2. My children never eat anything else on their salads. They don't like the salad sauces some ppl make. Thanks for posting and I love your pictures.

    1. gpw - i would expect that your children would eat nothing other than this on their salads! thanks for stopping by and thank you for the compliment!

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