Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sushi, done Framboise Manor Style!

sushi. we looooove sushi! and had easy access to it back in the city. but not here, where the nearest town is over an hour away. and there is only one sushi restaurant on the whole island! we went to that restaurant once since being here. it was lovely. and very tame as people here on the island aren't very welcoming of new and exotic types of food. they want their meat and potatoes - and that is fine!

but we have been craving sushi for a while and as we will not waste the gas for a 3hour round-trip simply to get some sushi - we decided to make our own - woohoo! can't be that hard, can it?

we had crab (fresh-caught by our friend), avacado, cucumber, carrot strips, sticky rice and toasted some sesame seeds. all seemed to be going well until we remembered that we didn't have any bamboo rolling mats! no problem - i am the queen of improvisation! we'll use silicone baking mats instead.

woops! not so good. they started out looking really good, and professional, but fell apart when we opened the mat! have a peak at my attempt:

jambaloney almost made a roll out of his:

once we put some dipping sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger on the messes on our plates - it tasted fantastic! and just like sushi! it just looked bad! so until we get some proper sushi mats - we will make sushi salad instead. it contains all of the ingredients as above...but just looks better! and we are enjoying sushi again - finally!

a close-up:

oh and the dipping sauce is divine. plain soya sauce, a dollop of sesame oil, crushed ginger and garlic and wasabi to taste. i set up the dipping sauce in the traditional dippers for the pic...but when we eat the salad, we mix the wasabi into the sauce and then pour the sauce over the salad.



  1. All I can say is, I am so glad you enjoy. As for me burger and fries please. Sorry guys.

  2. No, I'm all about sushi. Hey, if it tastes good that's all that counts. Until you can get those bamboo mats, you can use wax paper and the edge of a cookie sheet pan. Lay it out on the wax paper and roll it up but don't roll the edge of the paper under, then use the edge of the sheet pan to kind of press or "pack" the roll. It's hard to explain and I'm doing a terrible job of trying.

  3. Rob buddy - i hear ya! most people around here have never even heard of sushi - forget eating it. so i understand.

    45er - thank you sooo much for that tip - i never even thought of wax paper. next time we make sushi i will give it a try and let you know how it works. thanks again buddy!

    (bahahahah! i just read your comment to jambaloney and he said "45er is giving you sushi tips? 45er??? he's even cooler than i thought")

  4. well, tell him I said thank you. You can use the wax paper and cookie sheet method for making tubes of compound butter. Nothing like a slab of parsley and chive butter on a seared steak. Also, for sushi you can use a clean dish towel and saran wrap. That works well, too.

  5. I miss Sushi. I wonder what I can substitute for the sticky rice?

  6. I LOVE this post, and can SO relate. Since moving from the west coast to TN we've run into the same problem. I once asked where the pesto was in a store and they thought it was a MEAT!!!! Geez....anyway, I've learned to cook SO many foods that we used to go out to eat. It's pretty cool though, now the family thinks I'm a cooking goddess and can make anything because I mastered egg I haven't tried sushi yet, but only because I haven't found any fresh crab and I refuse to use the fake stuff...yuck:( I bet yours tasted sooooo yummy!