Thursday, November 3, 2011

Welcome to Framboise Manor Good Eats

*Framboise Manor* is our other blog and details our day-to-day living in our Bug-Out-Location since December 2010. you can check it out here.

on that blog, i started a series of posts called Good Eats (GEs). however, i have tons of recipes to share and did not want to clog up that blog with boring old recipes as we have several prepper, survivalist, homesteading types and some grumpy old men who might not be very interested in those kinds of posts.

so i decided to start this blog. here i will share our recipes and our menu planning and our ideas about eating home-grown or locally-sourced and seasonally-available food. we care very much about the food that we eat and if any of what we share here helps anyone else - that's great.

but this is my place - well mine and jambaloney's. my place to keep track of what we are eating and to keep track of our food stores and to keep track of my recipes.

kymber out.


  1. Do I fall into the category of the "grumpy old men" LOL

  2. ummm...yep...YOU were exactly who i was referring to - bahahahahahah!

    your friend,