Sunday, December 11, 2011

smoked salmon and cream cheese stuffed nasturtium flowers

aren't those flowers beautiful? seeing as that we are heading into winter...i was getting nostalgic about summer and nothing screams summer more than a nasturtium flower!

have you ever eaten a nasturtium flower? they are soooo spicey! and delicious! and if you grow your own, without any chemicals, they are a delicious addition to any salad and look fantastic on any side dish that you make! you can also sun-dry them and then add the dried flowers to soups, stews, whatever - oh they are sooo spicey!

here's one of my favourite ways to eat nasturtiums...i hope that you are sitting down! this might knock you off of your feet!

smoked salmon and cream cheese stuffed nasturtium flowers


as many nasturtium flowers as you wish to use (when i serve this with a soup or salad, i usually serve 2-3 nasturtium flowers per person)
several clean nasturtium leaves
a few pieces of organic smoked salmon
several dollops of cream cheese
the usual suspects (a splash of apple cider vinegar WITH the Mother in it, 2-3 crushed garlic cloves and a dollop of honey)
1/4 of a lemon, squeezed
sea salt and freshly-cracked pepper to taste

1. set cream cheese out to come to room temperature. once at room temperature, add vinegar, honey, lemon and crushed garlic. add salt and pepper to the mixture.

2. add a small amount of the cream cheese mixture onto a slice of salmon and roll it.

3. stuff the rolled salmon into a nasturtium flower. place them on a nasturtium leaf (also edible).

4. serve the stuffed flowers with salad or soup, or use them as a really fun appetizer at your next get-together or party.

here's a me - these are divine! and impress people. but forget that - they are a gorgeous addition to any one of your meals...and make you feel all fancy and stuff!

you can grow nasturtiums in a pot all winter long - there is no reason not to eat these delicacies throughout the year!

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