Saturday, November 5, 2011

chicken and spinach salad

this is one of our favourite ways to eat leftover grilled chicken. this salad is not for wimps. and the dressing can be used on any salad.

to start the dressing you swirl 6 or 7 swirls of cold-pressed virgin olive oil in a little jar. i save all of the little jars that Tosca artichoke hearts come in. they are excellent jars to use for a variety of things, but also the perfect size to make dressing. add a big splash of cider vinegar with the mother into the olive oil.

next add your sea salt and fresh-cracked black pepper.

and some of the vinegar and oil from your artichoke hearts.

next is 2 cloves of garlic and a nice chunk of fresh ginger.

a dollop of unpasteurized honey.

squeeze in one quarter of a lemon.

and get jambaloney to shake it vigorously for about 3-4 minutes.

now we are moving on to the salad. we start with a pomegranate.

don't forget to always have your compost bucket handy. we save these kitty litter buckets and use them for everything. it makes a great compost bucket as it has a lid to keep the smell away and it has a handle for carrying it out to the compost heap.

here is the pomegranate cut in half. i only use one half for this salad. the other half was eaten that night as a snack.

break your pomegranate apart to get at the seeds.

here's the seeds ready to top the salad.

i skipped a few steps here but i am sure that you all will still be able to follow. place your spinach in a bowl and top with chopped up artichoke hearts.

slice up some super colossal black olives.

toss those onto your salad.

next up is chunks of pear.

and now the pomegranate seeds.

next add the chicken.

and last but not least, spoon some of your dressing all over the salad and add a sprig of coriander.

that is a delicious and very healthy salad. and oh man - is it ever good!


  1. That's two things I have never tried, pomegranate and artichoke hearts. They're pretty expensive over here and I'm scared to spend the money in case I don't like them. I either of those two are sour...I know I won't like them. Are they?

  2. Tango - the pomegranate seeds are a sweet/sour kind of taste. the artichoke hearts are definitely sour as they are stored in oil and vinegar. i love both of them!!!

    they used to be expensive back in the city but both are very reasonably priced here which i find strange.

    anyway - pomegranates are a super food and full of anti-oxidants. although i could care less as i just love them - teehee!