Wednesday, February 26, 2014

herbed lebanese rice

this is one of our favourite, easy-to-prepare and really delicious suppers. the leftovers can be used in a variety of ways!

for supper, we normally serve it with heated pita, cucumber sauce and of course kimchi! a lemon slice squeezed on the rice doesn' hurt either!


Lean ground beef
Worcestershire sauce (as much as you like)
2-3 cloves of garlic (depending on how garlicky you like your food and depending on how much hamburger you are using. I tend to throw 4-5-6 cloves in!!! but we looove garlic! And we’ve never been attacked by a vampire...might be on to something there – bahahaha!)
Finely chopped onion (however much you like)
Sea salt and fresh cracked pepper to taste
As much cumin as you like
As much turmeric as you like
As much cayenne as you like
(maybe a ¼ teaspoon of each??? I think i use closer to half a teaspoon of each but we like it really spicey!)
A ton of fresh-chopped parsley
Cooked rice

  1. bring your ground beef to room temperature – take it out and put it in a bowl with a lid for about half an hour before you intend to cook it.
  2. dump Worcestershire sauce all over your hamburger, break it up into pieces and dump some more. Mix it all around, trying not to stir it up too much.
  3. use your garlic crusher and crush your garlic into your meat.
  4. add your chopped onion.
  5. add your sea salt and pepper.
  6. add your cumin, turmeric and cayenne – i just sprinkle it all around the meat until i feel i’ve used enough.
  7. mix it all together, try not to stir it too much. put the lid on and let sit at room temperature for 20-30 minutes (depends on time of year and how warm it is in the house).
  8. after the meat has sat, cook it over medium-high heat, stirring it around and breaking it up. It will release a lot of liquid due to the Worcestershire sauce, but that is a good thing as it almost makes a sauce and all of the spices are in that sauce.
  9. cook off the majority of the sauce and then either strain the meat or not. I don’t strain as i like for some of the greasy sauce to mix with the rice.
  10. when the hamburger is cooked throw your chopped fresh parsley into it and mix it around. Now throw your cooked rice in, stir it all around and serve!


  1. I made that for my husband and it was a HUGE hit. It was so very very delicious. Thanks for emailing me the recipe so I could try it before you posted it here.

    1. Brigid - your recipes always inspire me so i am glad that you liked this one. and glad that partner in grime liked it too. and i will gladly send you any recipes that you want through email - we're tight like that!